Primary 6
Art Competition

Submission due:
26 January 2024

Illustration By Lim Jia Xuan Kate
SOTA Year 4 Visual Arts Student
SOTA Primary 6 Art Competition 2019 Finalist

About the Competition

SOTA is pleased to announce the launch of its annual nation-wide drawing and painting competition.

The SOTA Primary 6 Art Competition was launched in 2018 as one of SOTA’s outreach programmes to encourage and provide a platform for young artists to express their creativity and hone their talents in Visual Arts, and has since become an annual nation-wide drawing and painting competition.

We invite pupils (who will be Primary 6 in 2024) to participate in this visual arts competition. Pupils from all backgrounds who have a passion for the arts are encouraged to showcase their creativity and imagination.

About the Competition


Participants are to submit an original work (A3-size: 29.7cm x 42.0cm) that demonstrates their observational ability as well as imagination based on the prompt: What does Peace mean to you?


Step 1: Create an original artwork in A3-size (29.7cm x 42.0cm) based on the prompt: What does Peace mean to you? You may use wet or dry mediums such as watercolour, acrylic or oil paint, charcoal, graphite or coloured ink.
Step 2:

Submit your artwork with the completed entry form.


  • Felicia Sim Yan Xuan

    Ai Tong School
    My Future World Beyond The Gates

    My artwork shows the collaboration of my hand with a future robotic hand. Both hands are working together to tear apart the wire gates, which represents me stepping out of my comfort zone into the future world. The wounds on my hand depict that no matter how painful ripping the wire gate is, I must conquer any difficulties encountered and step into my future world.

    I drew a futuristic spaceship and UFOs as the future mode of transportation that will prevent traffic jams as they can travel without limitations.

    In the future, we will experience uniquely shaped houses and skyscrapers that will utilise space efficiently due to the scarcity of land in Singapore.

  • Choo Wen

    Anglo Chinese School (Junior)

    I want to make use of technology to solve marine pollution in our future world. There is too much trash in our oceans. This pollution harms marine life, our food resources, as well as our ability to enjoy oceans and rivers. I hope my drawing will help to make others aware of this problem. We need to make the future world a safer place.

    In my artwork “Tech2Nature” I have chosen to depict robot trash-detectors, which I hope will be used in the future.

  • Liang Jinghan

    Compassvale Primary School
    My Future World

    As our technology evolves, our robots will get more advanced. This will make life easier. Our technology will enable us to build advanced machines that will be able to generate food, objects, vehicles, gadgets and things we desire from anywhere with just one click. Also, technology in the future will allow us to gain more knowledge and transmit that information. For example, headsets connected to wires and to machines will transmit all the knowledge into our brain.

    Thus technology will be one of the biggest advancements and investments that will make life convenient in the future.

  • Soon Zhi Bin

    Gelang Methodist Primary School
    The Forest City

    I started with the idea of drawing my house with a rooftop garden to show how I would like it to be in the future. I decided to improvise and expand on the idea to turn it into a whole neighbourhood with a mall.

    I included many trees planted along the path and in the buildings, as I was inspired by the garden city Singapore and my love for plants.

    I drew solar panels, a train and bicycles instead of cars as I hope that in the future, we can be more sustainable.

  • Tricia Tay Rui Xuan

    Holy Innocents’ Primary School
    City in the Skies

    With urbanisation and an ever-growing population, this world will be congested. Where can we go but up? How can we strike a balance to keep the world green?

    I imagine the world with advanced technology and the idea of flying cars being a reality.

    A mega sky city, which opens up new living spaces without further polluting the earth, leaving space for more trees to be planted on land.

  • Cheah Kai Ru Kendra

    Nanyang Primary School
    Sustainability in the Skies

    In my future world, I imagine two selves - one in the rear mirror, flying a car with virtual reality, contrasted with one catapulting to a self-sustaining ecosystem. It is a Gonzalez-inspired surreal experience with floating capsules as beacons of hope and metaphorical symbols, such as a honeycomb (growing/storing food), panda (conservation), butterflies (transformation), doves (peace) and fingerprint background motifs (biometrics).

    Let us create a sustainable future!

  • Joshua Lee Chen Wei

    Ngee Ann Primary School
    Over The Moon

    My artwork is about the aftermath of humanity following the destruction of Earth. This idea was inspired by the movies “Armageddon” and “Deep Impact”, both of which are about a meteor threatening to destroy the planet. I found these movies fascinating and they inspired me with ideas for this piece.

    What if N.A.S.A discovered a meteor the size of Hong Kong hurtling towards Earth that would reach and destroy our planet in a year? I envision that governments around the world will band together to send a select few to the moon in hopes of continuing humanity’s survival.

    My piece is set some time after Earth has been decimated and a young girl gazes longingly at the remnants of what was once our planet from the bedroom window of her home on the moon.

  • Dana Cho

    Dulwich College
    The Past and The Future

    This artwork is about leaving the past behind us and going to the future. This is represented by the difference in the past and future of the Earth. There is an hourglass attempting to tell us that time is in our hands. Inside it there are molecules representing science. The face wrapped around with a silk scarf is like a snake shedding its skin, just like our past selves shedding to make our future.

  • Reuben Loh Wei Hong

    Pasir Ris Primary School
    A Home Away From Home

    The earth has been home to us for ages, but with the rise in global population, a study by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) reported that by 2030, we would need a second Earth to sustain human life.

    In this artwork, I am envisioning what I could build, to make us feel at home, if I were the architect of the future second Earth.

    This rendition of the Dragon Playground that nestles next to the Tembusu tree hopes to evoke a sense of safety and courage – a hideaway to reminisce delightful childhood memories amid the ever-growing metropolis of the future. A home away from home.

  • Lau Le Tian Dylan

    Tao Nan School
    Underwater Paradise City

    For my future world, I imagined an advanced deep underwater civilization that runs on exotic energy sources, gathered from the outer limits of space. Humans can live in perfect harmony with marine life in aquatic cities powered by alien energy sources and technology.

    The chosen medium for this art-piece is coloured ink as the vibrant colours help bring my ideas to life.

  • Sofia Lim Woon Hee

    Ai Tong School
    My Future World

    This picture is about my future world. My hands are holding a crystal ball which tells the future. The scenery of my future world is nice and clean, which shows the future us is doing a better job at maintaining cleanliness than the present us.

    The colors used for the future are black and white, as it is uncertain.

    If we do not change our bad polluting habits now, our actions might cause climate change and we might not even have a future.

  • Jessica Isabella Clark

    Bedok Green Primary School
    Back to the Future

    By 2121, scientists will bring back certain extinct animals to life. They will achieve this by extracting the DNA from well-preserved carcasses of these extinct animals to create a hybrid offspring with existing animals of similar genetic information. Bringing back extinct animals will allow a diverse, enriched, and balanced ecosystem to remedy the damage done by humans.

  • Li Chenghan

    Bedok Green Primary School
    Alpha Omega

    Solar-powered robots will help to build new habitats for animals. These habitats will then house endangered animals, especially the ones from the ocean. These animals will be able to repopulate on earth.

    I included an image of myself reflecting on this possible future and reflecting on the quote “life begins and ends in the ocean”.

  • Sasmitha Senthilkumar

    Bukit View Primary School

    Gentopia is an ideal future world with newfangled technology and magical transportation methods. The future generations will have increased mobility to places. All they need to have is the desire to travel and the ability to imagine places. A solar powered teleportation machine that replaces aeroplanes, buses and trains is the highlight of Gentopia. This environment-friendly machine will take people to places.

  • Li En Chu Grace

    Canberra Primary School
    Technology Takeover

    In my future world, the technology is so advanced that we are able to build robotic astronaut suits, which allow us to work together with robots in space. We could even build factories on Mars.

    There will be machines that generate and regenerate objects and food that we need, and these essentials could be transported from Mars to Earth, and vice versa.

    My future world will be filled with advanced technology that brings convenience to us and the world.

  • Chew Rui Xuan Rachel

    Canossa Catholic Primary School
    Virtual Versus Reality

    Our generation’s lives revolve around technology. Everyone is oblivious of their surroundings and misses out on the beauty of real life. Thoughts of negativity envelope us, causing us to feel insecure and seek comfort through social media.

    I foresee my future to have the same issues but at a more intense level. Some may even trade the real them for a virtual presence. Although technology brings convenience to our lives, many will indulge and end up being drowned by it.

    I wish for everyone to see how amazing the world is rather than staring at their devices for hours and hours. That is why we need to seek help. We need to escape from the virtual world and reach for hope the real world offers.

  • Nicole Lye Jia Ning

    CHIJ (Katong) Primary
    What A Ride

    Much like how art is where we have the creative space to express ourselves, our future world is up to us. The train tracks and paint tubes show that although we may have a plan for our lives, we will still face life’s unexpected twists and turns. The greenhouse dome, futuristic buildings and flying electric vehicles represent sustainable living.

  • Ting Qi Zern Tricia

    CHIJ (Katong) Primary
    The Future Artists

    I drew four robots and one human, inspired by my little brother, all holding up their artworks. I imagined that in the future, these characters are in an art class and are tasked to draw their family. I was inspired by seeing AI artworks and started placing pictures of the robots into an AI generator.

    In my artwork, I tried to show that even though AI art is truly fascinating, it still lacks emotions and love, things that only a real human artwork can showcase.

  • Kwek Kai Yan Zoe

    CHIJ Primary (Toa Payoh)
    What If...

    My artwork is about what life under the sea might be like. > Scientists and oceanologists say that in a few centuries, most of the world will be submerged. Humans will probably die off, and the end of the world might occur way before that. But what if we survived? What if we were able to create an underwater civilization that we could live in?

  • Seo Hyunwon

    CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace
    Travelling to Outer Space

    My artwork is about my dream to travel to outer space in the future for holiday. I imagine myself holding out my Planet Earth passport and about to depart from the Space-port. With technology improving vastly in space travel, it could soon allow us to travel to outer space just like how we would travel to different countries on Earth.

    I hope the scene in my artwork comes true as I have missed travelling during the COVID-19 pandemic and I wonder what it would be like to see space in person.

  • Chen Xiangyi Vivian

    Chongfu School
    City Ahead

    I am trying to showcase the city of the future in a world where everything is interconnected, making moving around very easy and convenient. I use building and structures to show how we can still stay connected and accessible to our friends, families and loved ones. Family togetherness is very important for us now and in the future.

  • Nur Safi Binte Shamsulnizam

    Chongzheng Primary School
    Food for Days Pad

    We always get enticed by visuals of food whenever we are using our devices. As a result, we will then try to get them by placing food deliveries or going to shops.

    But ever since a wonderful scientist created the “Food For Days Pad”, it has improved the lives of so many people. “Food For Days Pad” comes with 16K resolution, giving you a cinematic movie experience. Even the screens are smudge-proof so that your fingerprints will not disturb your viewing pleasure.

    The most amazing feature about the “Food For Days Pad” is, when you see any images of food, you can simply reach in, grab and enjoy it!

  • Chen Yirong Olivia

    De La Salle School
    Home Beyong Earth

    This artwork shows an astronaut in space with his helmet on. He is staring at a beautiful house on another planet (a reflection of the house is on his helmet’s glass panel). As mankind develops the technology to explore outer space, we have the hope to one day live on another planet.

    However, as we look for another planet, I hope we do not destroy Earth by rapidly polluting it and continue to have unsustainable activities. We want to keep our Earth sustainable and prosperous, while developing the option of another planet for equally sustainable and peaceful living.

    This is our dream, our hope, and our destiny.

  • Autumn Elizabeth Kwek

    Eunos Primary School

    A new virus in the world has resulted in the evolution of a new type of plant that can grow on anything. It has started to take over the world and to adapt to these changes.

    Humans are mutating and growing animal features that can withstand the harsh conditions of the plants.

  • Yan Keyang

    Frontier Primary School
    My Future World

    The earth, depicted in my art piece, is unsustainable with volcanic eruptions. A nearby planet, which can sustain life, has been discovered.

    In my future world, the inhabitants of earth are transported to this planet by means of spaceships.

    This art piece was inspired by my curiosity of how life would be on another planet. It is my hope to also arouse the curiosity of viewers to ponder that question.

  • Weng Lehan

    Gongshan Primary School
    Mushroom City

    My artwork is about the harmony between people, animals, the environment and advanced machines like robots and space crafts.

    Humans have advanced their homes into a new species of mushroom that provides them with all different kinds of energy, as well as food and shelter. Everyone either has a job, a school to go to, or are serving their country for a few years in the military.

    Animals have adapted to their new environment while keeping some of their old habitats around the city.

    Robots and flying machines are introduced. With advancements in technology, it will be just a matter of time before they will become the main mode of transportation in my future world.

  • Heng Shu Jie, Noelle

    Greendale Primary School

    My artwork symbolizes my journey towards a bright future as an artist and animator. In my future world, I aim high without allowing any of my fears to get the best of me.

    I used salt and wet-on-wet technique to get the different effects I wanted. I also juxtaposed the concept of beauty and fear using complementary colours, something I have never done in my artworks.

  • Siena DAngelo

    Haig Girls School
    My Little Paradise

    In my future world, nature takes over urban space. New species of plants are discovered and protected. Flora and fauna coexist with buildings in harmony.

    I chose pencil as a medium to express observational and technical skills. I paid attention to shading strokes and tones to create depth and three-dimensional forms.

    Nature and humans can coexist in harmony.

  • Koay Yee Jiang Celeste

    Henry Park Primary School
    The Only Jungle

    As countries urbanise, deforestation continues to occur at an alarming rate. I envision the future as a city surrounding a tiny jungle. People in this crowded, dull and cold concrete city live so close to each other with no space for any grass. In this aerial view, the buildings drawn in black pen reflects how gloomy the world would be like without greenery.

  • Pua Yu Tong

    Horizon Primary School
    Infinity G World

    In my future world, technology would be very advanced. Spacecrafts, flying scooters, and robots would become a norm for transportation. Trains and buses would be replaced by spacecrafts. Cars would be replaced by flying scooters and boats would be replaced by robots.

    All living organisms, including humans, and robots would live together in harmony. Wolves may become a popular choice of pets!

    Due to the increase in the human population and the lack of space, houses, shops, public buildings and other attractions will be built on rivers.

  • Ted Tan

    Kong Hwa School
    Megalopolis Interlock

    I envisage a tomorrow where distance between and within large cities are bridged with supersonic aerial transportation, reloading the world with deep layers of discovery, dialogue and motion.

    In a reborn megalopolis, the intermeshed spaces stimulate and tease residents’ interpretation of space.

    You see chock-a-block buildings with dizzying levels of activities, malls cyber-encased with light and steel, rich interactions taking place in spaces on, above and underground, with art and nature infused in harmonic energy. Your senses go into overdrive, yet your mind remains still, for there are still many dimensional spaces to grow and dream.

  • Samantha Wong Ting Jia

    Marymount Convent School
    Virtual Jurassic Age

    This is what it would be in my future where dinosaurs ruled the world. I see IT specialists working with palaeontologists to create dinosaur holograms to roam the streets of Singapore in a virtual Jurassic age.

    My idea for holographic dinosaurs came from a holographic light show. Neon colours bring out a more technological vibe. Glazing was used to show the translucent effects of the holograms.

  • Liz Kyra Ng Yu Xuen

    Nan Chiau Primary School

    In the year 2555, there will be a massive oil leak, causing distress to many countries. With the help of many organizations, the ocean will be cleaned.

    By then, scientists would have invented a humanoid robot called Omni 0.1. She will monitor and help to regulate sea levels and their cleanliness through proper calculation, prediction, and prevention of incidents.

    However, despite the invention of the robot, the damage of global warming will have been done. The raised sea levels will cause a shortage of land throughout various countries. In response to this major phenomenon, innovative use of magnets called ‘Magnetopia’ will be introduced.

  • Lim Shan Min Amanda

    Nanyang Primary School
    My Future World

    My artwork is based on the idea of Singapore’s improved “Future World”. This artwork is drawn using coloured markers, to give my drawing a three dimensional and interesting effect as I wanted this artwork to give the impression of a futuristic world with advanced technology and machines.

    I chose to draw many machines as they enhance my idea of a more advanced and high-tech Singapore. There are a few machines that do not exist today, but might in future. I hope that it will be an eventuality as it can lead to real productivity growth and higher wages.

    One of the machines that we might see in the future is the Singapore Merion hologram in the centre. I wanted this Singaporean icon to be the main focus to represent Singapore’s “Future World”.

  • Sara Arianna Binti Imran Faizal Khan

    Opera Estate Primary School
    A Cure to Cancer

    My artwork is based on lung cancer. When I grow up, I want to be a doctor - a doctor that treats cancer. At this point in time, there is no cure for cancer, so I hope to be the one to find the cure.

    I want to be able to help those in need and I used this piece of art to express how I feel. The doctor in the picture is me, and I am curing cancer. The bad blood cells and things that cause cancer are going away, healing the patient’s lungs. At the bottom of the painting are my antidotes and pills for lung cancer patients. The flowers are shooting out of the windpipe to express that the body is happy and healthy once again.

  • Aimee Liao

    Pasir Ris Primary School
    The Future Awaits

    Having heard the theme, My Future World, many might think of the advancements in technology and artificial intelligence. However, I imagine my future world as a dreamy, adventurous and exciting world! Personifying my journey, I take on this adventure to explore my world, where dreams can change, where the laws of reality do not exist and where my art comes alive!

  • Goh Jia En Leia

    Pei Chun Public School
    Infinite Longing

    My future is not a dream, it is my creation.

    Humanity is at a critical stage in the transition to a more sustainable planet and society. Our actions in the next decade will determine our collective path forward. What will happen to our future in the next 20 years?

    This artwork aims to tell the story of how I feel about our collective journey by connecting the dots between what I am currently experiencing, from fires to food shortages to a rise in populism, and weather and environmental changes due to global warming. Hence, the five colours depict my emotions: feeling depressed (blue), lost (orange), longing (pink) and hopeful (green). In hopes that our future will not be as daunting, black represents the infinite future.

  • Kristen Liew Yun En

    Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School

    The world holds no boundaries for the young generation as they move forward with the aim of harmonious co-existence with technology, development and nature.

  • Lee Xinn Lynn, Vivienne

    Poi Ching School
    Our Flying World

    This work shows the view of a future city from the windscreen of a flying car. In my future, all cars can fly, like in Harry Potter’s world. Flying cars will solve the traffic congestion in crowded city areas. The translucent blue “cloud” serves as roads for flying cars, giving the city a nice bluish tint. Old and new buildings, inspired by the Art Science Museum and sci-fi movies, stand side by side.

  • Gwendolyn Amelle Guntur

    Radin Mas Primary School
    The Modern, Future World

    The Future World is all about modern technology, which I believe will be way more advanced than what we currently have and utilise.

    My artwork illustrates my imagination about what the future modern world might become. A man is calling his family with virtual reality goggles. The goggles allow a member of his family to appear in front of him as a hologram and vice versa. This technology may become more advanced in the future, allowing us to see and feel the person, just like in reality.

    I drew this because during the Covid-19 pandemic, many families could not see and meet their loved ones, office staff could not work and socialise with their colleagues, and students could not go to school and play with their friends due to various restrictions.

  • Alyssa Judy Chan Ying Ren

    Raffles Girls Primary School

    This takes place in the far future where overpopulation has taken a toll on the Earth. Scientists have discovered a way to shrink people to conserve resources. Here we can see people queueing up for their water (collected from a discarded water bottle), contrasted against a regular sized human in the background.

    I hope that humanity will work together to save the earth and prevent this future from happening.

  • Tan Sirui

    Rivervale Primary School
    Floating Communities

    In the future, there would be floating communities! I believe that this might be necessary because of overpopulation and the lack of space in countries like Singapore. My artwork represents the idea of extended spaces where people can carry on with their lives. There will be workplaces, shops and schools in all of these communities. People would be able to travel to these cities using hot air balloons.

  • Zhang Jia Yu

    Rivervale Primary School
    A Changed World

    I believe that in the future, there will be so many possibilities and changes to how technology works. One of my concerns is global warming and how it would affect animals and species that are endangered. I hope that in the future world, we would be able to find ways to keep these animals alive and care for them while also caring for our planet. I think that technology will be significantly advanced and make positive changes to how our lives are lived.

    I look forward to seeing a world that is colourful, vibrant and wonderfully wacky.

  • Alyssa Tee Xi Ming

    Rulang Primary School
    My Future World

    In the future world, trains will be floating in the sky in order to save space so that more buildings can be built. Our main energy source is environmentally friendly and batteries will not be used as it harms the environment. Buses will no longer run on fuel. Robots will be roaming on the streets and it will be a normal sight to see.

  • Brayden Lee Jun Yao

    Tao Nan School
    Waste and Trash The Fate of Our Oceans

    Trash is flooding the world’s oceans and disrupting marine ecosystems. Plenty of trash in developing countries are either burned in incinerators that generate air pollution or dumped recklessly in urban environments.

    Poorly managed waste is also contaminating the world’s oceans.

    If no action is taken, our future world will be on a dangerous path to more waste and overwhelming pollution.

  • Chen Huijuan

    Tao Nan School
    Gazing Through a Blooming Past

    My artwork is about using virtual reality (VR) painting in the future. I am hoping for a greener and more beautiful world. However, our world is getting more polluted, which is why I am wearing a mask.

    I am drawing flowers to add colour to my impression of our future.

  • Sia Yu Han

    Tao Nan School

    The artwork depicts the evolution of birds from the era of dinosaurs to an imaginative future where robotic birds have taken over the human race.

    The drawing shows robotic birds as the only audience in an exhibition in a world without humans. Audiences have to imagine birds surviving beyond human beings due to technological advancement.

    A steampunk style was used to depict the robotic mechanisms and a vintage looking museum.

  • Qin Qian Han

    Telok Kurau Primary School
    We Are The Future

    My artwork depicts three children looking at the future world. The future depends on us, the new generation. We must work together despite our differences to build a harmonious future. By drawing buildings with cutting-edge technology, futuristic tree houses and robots in my artwork, I want to show the future world as a place where all of us could live together in peace.

  • Jessica Lam Jie Xin

    Wellington Primary School
    Timeless Efforts

    This work is about actions taken by humans to transform the environment into a better place.

    It explores predictions and possibilities about the future and how they can emerge from the present, whether that of human society or of life on Earth in general.

    Actions of the present will affect the future. In order to make the world a better place, sustainable actions must be taken.

    The mobius strip fulfils the double paradox of being a single-sided strip and having only one edge. The depth to the image reminds us to reduce, reuse and recycle. It is not just a circular action, it is dynamic.

  • Xie ShiYu

    White Sands Primary School
    Future Home

    Excessive development leads to further destruction of the ecological environment on their current living planet, Mars. Max, together with his robot pet friend Java, is thinking about where their next home planet could be…

    Environmental pollution, excessive deforestation of forests, and destruction of the ecological environment are the major problems that plague human beings. One day our mother earth will no longer be suitable for living on. With the advancement of technology we may be able to continue living on Mars. But what if Mars was destroyed as well? Where could we live? I hope my drawing will be able to arouse people's awareness of environmental protection and love our mother planet Earth, otherwise human beings may become homeless in the future.


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